Frequently Asked Questions

Power Switch is best played with 2-6 people.

Power Switch is recommended for ages 8+. However, younger kids can play with the assistance of adults.

Game play is recommended to 300 points which typically takes under an hour. However, house rules can determine a smaller or larger point total to accommodate desired play time.

Only one Power Switch card is given to each player at the beginning of the game. 

The Power Switch card can be used anytime in a round as long as another player hasn’t already used their Power Switch Card in a round. However, players should be strategic about when they use their Power Switch card since they only receive one for the entire game.

The best time to play your Power Switch card is when you have a high point total in your hand and you think another player is going to go out. Power Switching with this player could be a real game changer!

Absolutely! This would be a great strategic play.

No. A Shock Play card can take the place of any card except the Power Card and cards with the same number as the Power Card but in a different color. 

If you don’t have a play, you must draw from the Generator Pile. If you draw a card that can be played, you must play it. 

If you don’t have a play and all the cards in the Generator Pile have been drawn, you must ask the player to your right for a card. This is their opportunity to get rid of their worst card (card with the highest point value).

If you have a playable card, you must make a play.